10 Years of 989 Records

10 Years of 989 Records

989 Compilations
10 Years of 989 Records

Artists: Various Artists 
Title: 10 Years of 989Records 
Genre: House / Tech House / Funky House / Deep House / Vocal House / Electro House / Tribal House / Downtempo 
Label: 989 Records 


Including Tracks From:

Max Porcelli, Cosmoclub, Toni Leo, Soul7 ft. Cheryl Porter, Kyla, Alison Wade, Funk Assassins, The K Program, Harvey D’Soul, Mad Man Factory, Fran, Shelly, DJ Vitto, Sync Investigations


Release Info

It’s been 10 amazing years since 989 produced the first single, and we never could have come this far without You all!

Thank You!


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