989 Records Radio Show by Max Porcelli (Balearica Music)

The New 989 Radio Show on Balearica Music

December 24, 2021 - News
989 Records Radio Show by Max Porcelli (Balearica Music)

Over a year and a half ago it was just a dream, now it has become a reality. Our passion for music, radio, the Balearic Islands, and its lifestyle have merged into a project that we are so incredibly excited to share with you, very soon.

Behind its creation are well-known faces in the radio industry such as Anna Tur, Miguel Garji, Alex Kentucky, and Katie Knight. A team of professionals passionate about music and extensive experience in radio as well as in communication, entertainment, and new technologies.

We Are Excited to Announce the New
🎧 989 Radio Show
🔥 On-air each and every Sunday at 19:00 CET
🎤 On Balearica Music | In the Name of Music
🎶 Stay Tuned and Let the music play!

Balearica Music, more than a radio.
Officially launching in April 2022

👉 https://www.balearicamusic.com/

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