Time Has Come by Philip Whirlpool - 989Records

Philip Whirlpool – Time Has Come

Time Has Come by Philip Whirlpool - 989Records

Artist: Philip Whirlpool 
Title: Time Has Come 
Genre: MinimalElectro House / BreakBeat 
Label: 989 Records 

Release Info 
Philip Whirlpool is back with another quality electronic project from minimal to breakbeat and electro for your music pleasure!
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Johan Nilsson / Di.fm
Marco Smith (Various Mag-New Zeland)
Australian Broadcasting Media
Dabeat Fernandez (Onlyhouseradio)
Sven (Basslover Radio)
Dj Imenez
Robbie Styles / AudioBoutique / Uber
Roger (Subsonictemple.com)
Anton Pivovarov “(Nevesomost” radio show)
Steve Elliott (Olympic Radio)
Ferrini Records

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